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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Oct 23, 2020

5 Ways to Find Listings Now

It’s a challenge to find listings but it doesn’t have to be that way. In today’s episode Jimmy Burgess, the Chief Growth Officer of the Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Beach Properties of Florida, will highlight 5 ways to find listings

5 ways to find listings

  • The biggest obstacles that many are facing today is the lack of listings and to succeed, if you control the listings, you control the market. 
  • First tip: Start looking at expired listings and check on the status if they haven’t resold or relisted. 
  • Second tip: Look for leads online and filter through them. Look for sellers who are raising their hands and those who are curious about their home values. 
  • Third tip: Find communities that are somewhere between 3-6 years old. These are communities that had build outs over time. Owners might be interested in selling a house or looking to buy a new one. 
  • Fourth tip: Get on the phone, talk to people in targeted neighborhoods, and start looking for potential buyers.  
  • People are now more curious than ever about how this shift in the market is currently affecting their home values. 
  • Fifth tip: Do an unsolicited valuation analysis video and email them out. 

“5 Ways to Find Listings Now” episode resources

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