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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Oct 27, 2020

Doug Edrington - Realtor Scripts That Will Prepare You to Answer Tough Questions

In order to have confidence interacting with your customers, realtor scripts that will prepare you to answer tough questions can help you feel knowledgeable and prepared. 

Doug Edrington, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices J Douglas Properties and head of the Edrington Team, has built a successful team that does a tremendous amount of business. He operates in Chattanooga, TN, and he calls himself a collaborator who gathers information and filters it to the people who are ready for it. 

Improve your skills

  • If your business has hit a plateau, consider spending money on yourself to jumpstart it. Pay for an event that allows you to meet people and interact with them. It’s an investment in you that no one can take away, and it will likely spark something you can get excited about. Virtual events or Masterminds can work just as well. 
  • Live by the calendar. Learn new theories, ideologies, and scripts, and then practice those activities. Become an expert at your craft by practicing the things you’ll do in a day like overcoming objections or explaining contracts. Add practice into your calendar so it’s a priority.

Scripts for tough questions

  • Prepare for tough questions like whether you’ll reduce your commission and proactively bring it up in discussion with your customers. Doug sometimes uses commission as a tool to attract agents to the house: By raising the price 2 percent, they can raise the commission for the agents by the same amount. Use examples and stories to answer your customers’ questions about why you operate the way you do. 
  • Many agents make mistakes with the “under contract call.” If a customer calls about a house that’s already under contract, don’t let them hang up without engaging. Agents spend a lot of money to generate phone calls. When one comes in, don’t miss the opportunity to ask questions.
  • The goal over the phone is to get the appointment.
  • People give surface answers, and they give sub-surface answers if you dig. Use the phrase, “tell me more about that.” A great conversation should last about 30 minutes if you ask broad questions.
  • When you’re at an appointment and the customer asks for time to talk it over before committing, step outside to make phone calls while they decide. They want to make the decision, so give them time to do it. 

“Realtor Scripts That Will Prepare You to Answer Tough Questions” episode resources

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