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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Dec 11, 2020

The Road Map to Real Estate Sales Success

In today’s episode, Jimmy shares the roadmap to real estate sales success

Ensuring success

  • According to Jimmy, success in real estate is not that difficult.
  • He has a 3 step process: 
  1. Know exactly where you are
  2. Know where you want to go
  3. Know how to get there
  • Knowing where you are entails understanding the listings you have versus the number of buyers you work with. It’s about knowing the breakdown of your business. 
  • As you develop your business and it grows, it should become more systematic and more seller-focused. 
  • Know where your business is coming from. For example, is it from referrals,  online leads, or contacts from an open house? 
  • You need to identify what is working for you when you’re farming.  
  • When you know exactly where you are, you begin to see what’s working and activities you need to do more.
  • Know what you want your business to look like a few years from now. 
  • Don’t focus on the amount of income you’re going to have as you think about where you want to go. Instead, focus on backing your number with transactions. 
  • You want your sellers and buyers to know exactly where you’re headed. 
  • When you start evaluating where your business is coming from, you can also start identifying the activities that are most effective. 

“The Road Map to Real Estate Sales Success” episode resources

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