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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Dec 18, 2020

21 Social Media Content Ideas for Realtors in 2021

In this episode, Jimmy shares 21 unique ideas you can use for your social media engagement in 2021. 

Improving engagement in 2021

  • Social media is critically important when it comes to engagement. It’s more important today than ever. 
  • Use video posts not only for Facebook but also for other social media areas. Videos are going to get more run than a typical post since most of the social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are all aiming to keep their users within their ecosystem. They do this with engaging videos. 
  • Tip 1: Try creating virtual open houses. This is when you set up a time to do a premiere on the house and let people know about it. Instead of having just a few people come to the house, the streaming and video premiere allows you to invite  hundreds or even thousands more to see the house at the same time. 
  • The video also stays in your post for a while so you are able to continue increasing engagement even after you’re done streaming. 
  • Tip 2: Use ‘coming soon’ videos. These videos are listings that you’re getting ready to bring into the market. 
  • People love the feel of seeing things behind the scene. It makes them feel special. 
  • Tip 3: The process video. These videos are anything you do that involves a process including the process of being a realtor. You can just talk about how you do things and let them in on the process. 
  • Tip 4: Frequently Asked Questions video. If you’re at a place where you’re asked things a couple of times, then it’s the best time to create an FAQ video. 
  • Tip 5: ‘Can you help me out?’ video. This is where you have a buyer but you can’t find the right place for them. Create a video and explain how you have an awesome family needing a place like this and that. It doesn’t only open opportunities for engagement but it also helps you find the right place for your client. 

Agent -type videos.posts

  • Tip 6: Series videos/photos post. This can be a video of what you do in a day. You can shoot a video where you’re taking a new listing and others. 
  • Tip 7: How we help our clients post. This is your opportunity to soft brag your achievements on how you are able to help your clients find their perfect homes. 
  • Tip 8: The ‘People think real estate is this’ video. Most people have the wrong notion of what we do. This video sheds light on the reality of what we do. 
  • Tip 9: What I love about this business. Share the things you love about your business and why you keep doing it. 
  • Tip 10: Apps I love in real estate video. This is how you can share the tools you use for your real estate journey in your daily life.  
  • Tip 11: Do listed posts. These are posts where you link people to a capture page. This gives you the opportunity to share with them the properties you just checked out. 
  • Tip 12: Do ‘just pending’ post. Make sure that you share the information to your followers. When you have a house listed or a buyer who went under contract, any information you have can be shared to let them know that you are still out there and very much active. 
  • Tip 13: Just Sold! Post. This is an opportunity not to brag but for you to share a story. 
  • Tip 14: Do a before and after post. Take a quick video or a picture of a yard that looks horrible. When the landscaper is done with the magic, take a video or a photo again then play the two together or put the photos side by side. 
  • Tip 15: Check this out post. It’s a post of amazing things you see or view then share it to your social media platforms. 

Lifestyle type posts

  • Tip 16: Your favorite restaurant. Take a photo of the food or the restaurant that you love. Share it and then tag the restaurant as well as this opens more exposure for you. 
  • Tip 17: Feature the amenities in your area. Take photos or videos of your favorite areas in your community and talk about them or post them. 
  • Tip 18: Thank a service provider post. These are the types of posts where you thank someone who gave you extra service. 
  • Tip 19: My favorite places post. Share your favorite places and tag these places. It allows for cross pollination in social media and increases engagement and exposure. 
  • Tip 20: Your family. People love seeing your family as it shows how relatable you are. 
  • Tip 21: Your favorite post of all time. Jimmy calls this a Shira Hero Spotlight. It’s a post where you feature someone in your community for the good things that they do. It encourages others and it also inspires people. 

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