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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Jan 12, 2021

In today’s episode, learn how to grow your real estate business with Jimmy Burgess and Price Rainer. They’ll be talking about an action plan that gets real results.


What is Circle Prospecting?

  • Circle prospecting is identifying the people who are in close proximity to the property you have listed. These will be the list of people you reach out to.
  • Having this list gives you a focused group that wants and needs the information you have to offer. It’s an opportunity for you to grow your business.


Ways to Prospect

  • Start with the basics: Knock on doors and have a flyer about the property you have listed. Introduce yourself and start sharing your information.
  • You can also give your business card and let them know that you would welcome a call anytime.
  • When speaking with people at their private residence, it’s important to be warm and polite. Introduce yourself, let them know the business you're connected to, and what your purpose is. Keep it short and simple and don’t talk too much.
  • It’s also important to ask questions so they have a chance to talk as well. While you have them engaged, be a good listener. Ask them if they’re interested in selling or if they know someone in the neighborhood who is looking at selling their property.
  • If you’re calling people in the neighborhood you have listed, tell them about the open house and make sure to keep the information simple. Tell them that you’re sharing an opportunity to know early and be ready with the pertinent information. You’ll find there are homeowners who are hungry for the information you have to offer.
  • The goal is to advance the relationship without being overbearing. Don’t become an agent with commission breath. Talk freely, provide information, and give them the best service you can give. Be helpful and cordial.
  • Talking to people directly goes beyond writing postcards and handing out business cards. (Consider sending these each month.) Thank them for having a conversation and remind them they can call you anytime.
  • Circle prospecting is a classic marketing strategy and continues to work today.


Circle Prospecting Step-by-Step Plan of Action for Results” episode resources


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