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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Apr 27, 2021

On today’s episode of The Real Estate Podcast, Jimmy goes through his top tips to make a good impression on the internet. Regardless of the platform, Jimmy provides his online real estate strategies to make a lasting impression on potential clients.

  • In today’s market, most people search for their agent and real estate information online.
  • How do we use that to our advantage? By putting our best foot forward.


  • Have an updated headshot or team photo, and don’t use one from 10 years ago.
  • Update your bio. A well-written bio is a chance for people to get to know you. Let your audience know who you are and include any specialties you have or areas of expertise.
  • Include your MLS feed and links to all your social media accounts.
  • Add your office location, IDX feed, contact information, and any testimonials you might have.


  • Avoid political posts on your personal page - it can cut out half of your target audience, regardless of the political stance.
  • List your brokerage on your personal page, and share posts from your business page to give it more exposure.
  • On your business page, mix in different content types—feature both business-centered and lifestyle content specific to your area.


  • Have an updated headshot and contact information
  • Post pictures and videos related to your work, like newly-listed homes, open houses, and even properties you’ve sold.
  • Provide value, and let your page serves as a reference to others.


  • Have an updated headshot and contact information.
  • Post written articles and quick videos, and don’t be afraid to post personal content; it can develop a significant engagement.
  • Connect with people! Whether it’s other agents, potential clients, or people you think will provide value, connections offer an opportunity for you to engage with others and grow your network.

Jimmy’s other tips:

  • Consider platforms like Testimonial Tree that send past clients testimonial requests and then create post-ready graphics to share on your social profiles and website.
  • Create a Google My Business page. This makes your website easy to find and easier to engage with on Google.

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