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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Aug 27, 2021

Are you unsure how, what, or when to post on Facebook? Today Jimmy is joined by Jay Johnson, who generated $6M in real estate sales via Facebook alone, all with zero dollars of ad spend. (And did we mention it was all in four months?) 

Put yourself in a position to reach as many people as possible:

  • Make sure you max out your Facebook friends, which is 5,000, so you can have the highest reach possible with your posts. 
  • You don’t have to max out in one day. Consistency is key. If you make just ten friends a day, you’ll have over 3600 friends within one year.
  • Facebook does a great job suggesting people to friend, but you can also look through mutuals or find content with multiple people tagged and connect with them.

Content 101:

  • Jay posts content once per day, typically posting in the morning or evening to avoid when his audience is likely to be at work.
  • Provide a healthy mix of personal and professional content. Personal content receives higher engagement, so use that to build an engaged audience. Use that involved audience to promote business content.
  • Once you’ve grown your friends and created posts, use groups to promote content further. 
  • Facebook boosts groups, especially those that have multiple friends inside of that group.
  • Get involved in groups and communities, especially ones that aren’t about real estate.

Message people to make an impression.

  • First, friend them. Then, like and comment on their post. Once they accept, send them a message.
  • Take advantage of birthdays if you’re looking for an introduction.
  • When sending a private message, ask a question. It is more likely to garner a response.

Navigating the algorithm:

  • Facebook wants to keep you on Facebook, so put links that direct people off Facebook in the comments rather than the post itself.
  • Jay’s tip: If it’s real estate, post a good picture of the house or property. Mention in the post that there is more information and photos in the comments.
  • Start conversations in your comment section. Facebook likes comments with more than four words, so try to write in complete sentences.
  • Use stories to your advantage. Interactive features like polls drive engagement. Plus, you can see who views your stories, which helps determine who is interested in your content.

If you need the inspiration to update your Facebook to drive business, check out Jay’s Facebook page at www.Facebook.jay.johnsoniv to see how you can create content that leads to sales and growth.

Connect with Jimmy Burgess on LinkedIn and Facebook and his YouTube channel.  

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