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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Aug 31, 2021

Testimonials are the key to almost every successful realtor. We all need more testimonials. And in today’s digital world, over 80% of people trust an online review as much as a personal referral. So if you haven’t focused on obtaining online reviews, there’s no time like the present to start! And on today’s episode, Jimmy supplies seven different ways to generate testimonials. 

But before that, make sure you are using Google My Business.

  • Odds are, someone will look you up on Google before working with you. 
  • When people search on Google, it’ll automatically show your Google My Business page over other results, making it an invaluable tool for you to utilize.
  • Reviews on Google My Business don’t necessarily have to be from verified customers, while platforms like and Zillow require the testimonial to come from a client. 

  1. Any testimonials you may already have.

  • If you have a review on, use that on your Google My Business profile! 
  • Take a picture on your phone to upload the image. Or, even better, send the reviewer an email, asking them to leave the review on the other platform.
  • To make it easier for them, copy the review and include links to the review page for your other platform. 
  • And make sure to thank them for the trust they’ve given you.

  1. Add a review link to your email signature

  • Your email signature is on virtually everything you send out. At some point, someone will click on it.

  1. Reach out to past buyers and sellers.

Ask the people you’ve worked with.

In your email, include the link to the specific review platform. Jimmy recommends only listing one area for the initial review to not overwhelm the person. 

Let them understand the value of the recommendation and what the value is for you.

  1. Leave reviews for others

Is there an agent you’ve referred people to? Leave them a review! Don’t be weird tho and just force people to give one back, just send a simple text telling them you value them enough to review them, and kindly ask for one in return.

Lead by setting a good example and review them first, don’t just ask people for reviews to get one back.

  1. Run a review campaign

Go out and focus on this. Used personalized emails, identify a local charity. Say that for each person who leaves you an online review, you’ll donate a specific amount of money to that charity in their name.

  1. Turn complimentary emails into reviews

We’ve all received complimentary emails. Take advantage of that! Respond to those messages expressing gratitude for the gesture, and then ask if they’d be willing to leave that on whatever platform you’re pushing reviews for.

  1. Just ask!

Who is it that’s a friend, coworker, or client who you haven’t asked for a review? You’d be surprised how many people go and do something just because you’ve asked for it.

Say you travel to a new city and are looking to eat. If one restaurant has fifty reviews and one has one, which one would you rather eat at? Reviews give you the credibility and authority to pull more customers and clients, and put you in a better position to reach your real estate goals.

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