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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Feb 18, 2022

Jim Rohn was an American businessman, author, and speaker who understood how to succeed. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy dives into seven quotes from Jim Rohn and applies them to finding success in your real estate business.

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day.” 

  • Long-term success comes from daily practices that we complete each day. 
  • What can you break down into a daily activity that will lead to your success?

“It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go.”

  • There will always be those who do well and those who don’t. 
  • What are you doing to add value in each specific season and time of the market? They won’t always need the same resources and information, so adjusting your content in a way that benefits them will help shift you to the side of success.

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

  • While having a formal education adds value, it’s just as important you constantly educate yourself with informal methods. 
  • This could be reading books, listening to podcasts, or watching YouTube videos; educating yourself on the market helps you share more relevant content with others.

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.”

  • In real estate, things take time. Some tactics might take days, weeks, or even months before seeing results from those efforts. 
  • You can start making those changes at any point to start seeing better results later down the line.

“You don’t get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour.”

  • Just spending an hour at the office isn’t going to make anything happen. 
  • It’s what you choose to do in that hour that matters. So how are you spending your time to best yield results?

“Whoever renders service to many puts himself in line for greatness.”

  • There is no top to this business; it all boils down to how many people you can help.
  • So what are you doing to bring in as many people as you can?

“Things that I felt absolutely sure of but a few years ago, I do not believe now.”

  • The pace of change in real estate is dramatic - what got you from point A to point B in the past likely won’t have that same effect today.
  • Evolve and evaluate your business to move towards what is new and provides value to the marketplace in a unique and interesting way.

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