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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Jul 19, 2022

How might shifts in the real estate market affect your business? In today’s episode of the Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy explains five of the most important truths to understand as we prepare for changes in the industry. No matter what the market does, there are still ways to grow and progress in your career goals if you have the right approach.

  1. People want to deny change is happening.
  • If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s change.
  • Nobody grows by drifting; acknowledge the change to adapt your lifestyle, tactics, and strategies to prevent yourself from coasting and using things that no longer work.
  1. Ego is going to kill a lot of businesses.
  • As sellers require more direction and buyers require more solutions, the agents who focus on themselves and not their clients won’t be able to compete.
  • Humble yourself, teach yourself, and educate yourself on the industry.
  1. The influence around you will be amplified.
  • When stress is present, you’ll see the true nature of those around you. 
  • Surround yourself with growth-minded individuals who are in your corner and have your best interests at heart.
  1. In times of adversity, there is a flight to safety.
  •  Consumers want to know they have someone they can trust, and your brand evokes that trust.
  • Come from a place of professionalism. When clients are unsure, they’ll look for a place of safety. Be that place.
  1. Players are separated from the pretenders.
  • There are winners and losers In every cycle of real estate.
  • Whoever spends the time investing in your business the most, you should be able to give them a professional answer.
  • The time to be a pretender is over. Step up your game and be the agent people need.

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