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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Oct 25, 2022

There is power in words and on today’s episode of The Real Estate Podcast Jimmy shares the 11 magic words for success in real estate. 

  1. Who
  • Who is your ideal client? 
  • When you understand who your ideal client is you will add more value. 
  1. What
  • What pain points do your clients have? 
  1. Where
  • Where is your ideal client? Are they on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, at community activities, etc. 
  • Position yourself to be in the best possible place to serve them at the highest level. 
  1. When
  • Now that you know who your client is, what they need, and where they are - ask when are they there? 
  • When do you need to post on social media or send emails?
  1. Value
  • What is the value that you can add? 
  1. Consistency
  • Consistency is key to conversion. 
  1. Growth
  • If your business is not growing, you are dying. Is your business moving forward?
  • Staying where you are is not an option. 
  1. Feelings
  • What do clients feel about you? 
  • Are you showing how much you care about your clients? 
  1. It’s my pleasure
  • Whether you are at Chick-fil-a or the Ritz-Carlton they let you know that it is their pleasure to serve you. That’s what you want in your business. 
  1. Thank you
  • Thank you seems so simple, but don’t overlook it. How long has it been since you sent a thank you note? 
  • When you take the time to say thank you, it sets the tone that your business is built on generosity. 
  1. Wow
  • That’s what you want every client to say after the transaction is over. 
  • When people say “wow” they can’t help but tell other people about it. 

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