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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Mar 14, 2023

Wonder what to do for your business in this current market? In today’s episode of The Real Estate Podcast, Jimmy meets with Gino Blefari to discuss ways to survive and thrive in the current real estate market.

1. Have a strong mindset

  • A strong mindset is ALWAYS important, even more so in the current market. We don’t know how long the current market will last or how deep it will go, but we do know it will pass.
  • You have to remain mentally strong in this market to thrive in the upcoming market.

2.  Follow your schedule

  • Don’t make a commitment without first checking your schedule. If it can’t fit, then don’t make the commitment.
  • By creating and following a schedule, you can prioritize what’s important and dedicate your time and energy to it.

3.  Focus on your MEDS

  • Meds stand for meditation, exercise, diet, and sleep. When you take care of yourself and your mental health, you’ll feel good and perform better. Again, think about strengthening your mindset.
  • Blefari says these are small cornerstones that lead to winning habits. Focus on the small, daily things that will lead to big changes.

4.  Focus on strategy

  • Blefari would farm realtors who were leaving the real estate business. Whatever you do, create a strategy and follow it. Whatever worked for you in the past, focus on that.
  • Contact all of your clients, add value, and focus on lead generation. Whatever strategy you choose, follow it and tweak it as necessary.

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