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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Mar 28, 2023

In order for our real estate business, and us as people, to grow, certain things have to change. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales podcast, our host Jimmy goes over 7 different things that realtors need to change to succeed.

  1. The low barrier of entry into the real estate business

·         When everyone is able to become a realtor, the profession’s reputation and professionalism go down from lackluster realtors.

·         Be the most professional realtor in your area and offer the most information to clients.

2.            Self focused marketing

·         Too often, real estate agents use marketing to highlight THEMSELVES instead of using marketing to focus on the needs of clients.

·         Provide clients with what they want to know, and make THEM the hero of your marketing, not the other way around.

3.            Non-professional photos for listings

·         In today’s environment, people scroll through listings. Pictures and videos are the first thing they see. If a picture is unprofessional, you by extension are viewed as unprofessional.

·         Again, think of the low bar for entry. If you can make your photos look professional, you’ll stand out against the competition.

4.            PPP marketing

·         PPP marketing refers to simply putting a sign in the yard of a listing, promoting it online, and praying someone buys it. This marketing is outdated.

·         You need to develop and use a marketing plan that helps sellers sell their house as quickly, and as profitably, as possible.

5.            ABC conversations with clients

·         ABC stands for “always be closing” which, just like PPP, is incredibly outdated. 

·         In the current market environment, RELATIONSHIPS are what matters, not transactions. Focus on building relationships with clients that will lead to transactions.

6.            Single agent mentality

·         It’s not IMPOSSIBLE to succeed as a single agent, but you have to have some other people around to help you.

·         It can be a formal team, or people that you trust for certain services. Whatever it is, you NEED people to help you.

7.            Shiny object infatuation

·         Too often people look for the easy way to do something, or the “shiniest” object.

·         Real estate is built off of labor though. If you want to succeed, you HAVE to be willing to put in effort. Otherwise, your business will go nowhere.

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