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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Jun 20, 2023

Videos work while you sleep! In this episode of The Real Estate Sales podcast, your host Jimmy Burgess interviews Noah Escobar of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices about using different types of video to become known as a regional expert and trusted resource.

1. Community Videos (Sample Community Video)

  • Target communities that you work in (or want to work in)! Become known as the expert on the region to build trust and provide value to community members.

  • Use SEO-optimized search terms to create a title and keep the run time short to maximize the clicks AND watch time.

2. Infrastructure Updates (Sample Infrastructure Update)

  • Escobar uses drone photos and video with voiceover to show current developments in the area.

3. New Community Updates (Sample Community Update)

  • Give up-to-date, timely information to clients and other community members to position yourself as a resource.

4. Listing Videos (Sample Listing Video)

  • Inspired by HGTV, Escobar wants to impress his potential clients with every walkthrough.

  • This type of video allows people to see you and get to know your personality. Your vibe attracts your tribe!

5. Interviews With Builders (Sample Interview)

  • Help get builders connected with the correct properties and people.

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