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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Jul 18, 2023

When your business generates more on the listing side than the buyer side, you’ve gone from being a real estate agent to running a real estate business. In this episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, our host Jimmy Burgess identifies the most common reasons agents struggle to take on listings.

  1. They don’t have enough market knowledge.

  • Competence breeds confidence! You can become a regional expert if you’re willing to hit the books.

  1. They don’t have a unique marketing proposition for selling.

  • If you’re hoping a listing will fall into your lap, it’ll never happen. Study how successful listing agents market themselves and create a written plan of what you will do to help clients sell.

  1. Their CRM is full of buyers instead of sellers.

  • It’s not hard to get buyer leads – that’s why everyone does it! Focus on contacting buyers through door-knocking, cold calling, or whatever works in your region.

  1. They don’t have a geographical farm (or farms).

  • Become the real estate expert for an entire region. Find an area that doesn’t have a dominant agent or an area where it makes sense for you to invest your time and money (in the form of mailers, events, sponsorships, etc.)

  1. What we focus on expands.

  • If you aren’t focusing on listings, they’ll never grow. When you place your intent and attention on connecting with sellers, you’ll see your business start to change.

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