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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Sep 26, 2023

It’s hard trying to stand out in the real estate market!

The competition for new agents is tough since they compete against agents with years of experience. They have already made their name in the market, so buyers may decide to work with them instead of you.

How can you stand out within the real estate industry?

Listen to this episode of the Real Estate Sales Podcast for advice. Your host, Jimmy Burgess, shares seven actionable tips on outperforming your competition.

Work Hard for One Season

  • You’ll go through different seasons within your real estate career. You’ll have to work harder than ever in one of these seasons. 
  • Jimmy discusses the importance of separating yourself from others for a season so you can focus on business.

Give Without Expectations

  • Sometimes, sharing information with others for free is a good idea. 
  • The more you give without expectation, the more you'll see the benefits in other business areas.
  • Start by sharing blog posts on real estate and research on social media. You can even go door to door to speak with potential buyers.
  • Ensure the information you share gives value and will help another person better understand the real estate industry.

Focus on the Client’s Needs

Yes, you need to meet sales goals to pay your bills. However, there will be moments when you should focus on the client's needs instead of yours.

You may have clients who already bought a house from you, but need to catch up on payments due to a financial crisis. Try taking the time to figure out a way you can help them during this challenging situation.

Again, when you focus on other needs and bring value to them in return, you'll see positive results for your business.

Don’t Forget to Set a Time for Learning

  • Just because you have your real estate license and are selling homes doesn’t mean you should stop learning.
  • The real estate market is constantly changing, and you must stay current with these rapid changes
  • Look to see if there are new resources for first-time buyers or if there are any ways you can improve your marketing skills.

These are great tips on how to become a top-performing real estate agent. However, Jimmy shares three more tips in the episode to help you stand out among your competition.

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“The best investment you can make is investing in yourself. What is it you're doing to invest in growing yourself when you grow yourself, your business is going to grow, your life is going to grow, and ultimately, investing in yourself is going to be the best investment you could possibly make in your entire life.” - Warren Buffett

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