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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Oct 3, 2023

With 35 years of experience, Jimmy Burgess has sold over $500 million in real estate. That’s pretty impressive!

But what are Jimmy’s secrets to being so successful in real estate?

In The Real Estate Sales Podcast episode,  host Jimmy will share some of these secrets. Here are the eleven lessons he learned from selling $500 million in real estate.

The Client Isn’t Always Right

  • Jimmy quickly discovered the client is always right isn't true. When he first became a real estate agent, he spent a lot of time trying to please everyone. However, he quickly discovers that this is impossible.
  • Now Jimmy knows that if he is working with a problematic client and nothing is pleasing them, it's okay to fire them. Don't be afraid to do this; have the guts to tell them it's not going to work. You can then refer them to an agent who can assist them better.
  • If your gut tells you this client isn't right for you, let them go. Working with ideal clients who will need your services again is better.

There Are No Losses

  • Did you lose money due to a careless mistake? Think of it as a lesson instead of thinking you missed an opportunity.
  • You find the perfect client and show them different houses for sale. However, you forgot to ask them if they were working with another agent. The next day, you called to make an offer, and the potential buyer said their agent already handled it. 
  • Jimmy learned that committing with a client is best before showing homes. The loss will hurt, but it provides a better long-term game and teaches you to be wiser in your decisions.

Most People Won’t Support You Until They Need

  • Just because someone likes your posts on social media doesn’t mean they will support you.
  • Most people watch from the sideline to see how you run your business. Then, they’ll wait to support you when others do so.
  • The lesson to learn is to earn business from people and don’t expect it to happen. How can you make those watching from the sideline start doing business with you?

Your Business Can Only Grow if You’re Growing

  • Your business will only grow as far as you allow it. You may find your business stalling if you’re not trying to grow personally.
  • How are you trying to grow physically and mentally? Are you attending conferences or listening to podcasts? 
  • By investing in yourself, you’re investing in your business. Bush up on your skills to bring more value to your clients and business.

Jimmy always shares insightful advice for the real estate business. In this episode, he shared eleven tips from his experience working in this industry. Subscribe to The Real Estate Sales Podcast to hear the rest of his knowledge.

“This business will test you, this business will try you, but ultimately, this business is refining you in a way to makes you a better agent and gives you the business of your dreams.” - Jimmy Burgess

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