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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Oct 17, 2023

In this week’s episode of the TRES podcast, Jimmy explores the concept of belief and its impact on success in the real estate business. He debunks common myths and misconceptions that hold back many agents from reaching their full potential. 

By understanding and challenging these beliefs, agents can take actionable steps toward achieving their goals. Listen to the seven lies unsuccessful agents often believe and discover how to overcome them.

Top agents get all of the business

  • Many agents believe that top performers dominate the market and hinder their chances of success. However, Jimmy reveals that top agents were once in the same position as struggling individuals. 

  • The key is to believe in your own potential and learn from those who have achieved success. 

  • By studying and emulating successful agents, you can shift your mindset. This will lead to taking actions that propel your business forward.

The market is too difficult to gain market share

  • The perceived difficulty of the market can discourage agents from taking the necessary steps to grow their business. 

  • Jimmy challenges this belief by emphasizing that a changing market presents opportunities for those willing to do things differently. 

  • In a down market, agents can stand out by doing what others are not doing. 

  • Regardless of market conditions, agents can grow their businesses by providing value, staying proactive, and leveraging current market dynamics.

Cold calling does not work

  • Many agents believe that cold calling is ineffective and outdated.

  • Jimmy shares that approaching cold calling strategically can be a powerful tool for generating leads and building relationships. 

  • Agents can initiate meaningful conversations by sharing market information or seeking referrals during calls.

I don't have enough money to market myself effectively

  • Agents often believe that significant financial resources are required to market themselves and stand out from the competition. 

  • Jimmy emphasizes that social media platforms provide cost-effective avenues to enhance visibility and attract clients. 

  • By leveraging free marketing tools, such as shooting videos or engaging on social media, agents can effectively market themselves without having to rely solely on a substantial marketing budget.

I need more money to make more money

  • The belief that more money is a prerequisite for success can be limiting. 

  • Jimmy highlights that sustained growth in the real estate business is achieved through hard work and consistent effort, rather than relying solely on financial investment. 

  • Agents can achieve their goals by adopting a hustle mindset and focusing on activities that generate results.

"Taking action in your business really starts with what you believe. If you believe something, then you take actions or don't take actions based on that belief." - Jimmy Burgess

Belief plays a crucial role in an agent's success in the real estate business. By debunking common myths and challenging limiting beliefs, agents can unlock their full potential and take the necessary actions to grow their businesses. With the right mindset, determination, and daily effort, agents can overcome obstacles, achieve their goals, and become top-producing professionals in the real estate industry.

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