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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Nov 7, 2023

In some industries, AI tools are frowned upon, but those within the real estate industry proudly use them to their advantage. However, many agents don’t understand how to use online tools such as ChatGPT to help them stand out among their competitors.

If you’re a real estate agent struggling to understand why you need to start using ChatGPT or just need new strategies to win clients, you must listen to this week’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast.

Your host, Jimmy Burgess, speaks with Andy Beal on how real estate agents can leverage the power of Chat GPT to enhance efficiency and elevate business. Within this episode, you’ll learn why you need to use the paid version of Chat GPT, its benefits, and different strategies to get the most use out of it. Tune in now!

Efficiency with Chat GPT

  • Chat GPT sets agents apart from others in the industry by helping them complete tasks in a fraction of the usual time.
  • Jimmy and Andy highlight the significance of using social props and video prompts in their strategy.
  • Utilizing Chat GPT can help agents complete tasks that typically take longer in just a few clicks.
  • They both discuss the unique advantages of Chat GPT, such as standing out in the marketplace and creating efficiencies in listing appointments.
  • By following a comprehensive plan that includes assessments, goals, daily activities, marketing plans, and potential partnerships, agents can achieve a remarkable growth of 33% in transactions.

Creating Conversations

  • The foundation of any successful real estate business lies in building relationships.
  • Andy emphasizes the importance of creating content that sparks conversations.
  • While embracing new technologies like Chat GPT, it is crucial to balance them with the purpose behind the effort.
  • A follow-through system and a call to action are essential for desired results.

Unlocking Chat GPT's Potential

  • Andy shares his experience of Chat GPT being a game changer, bringing efficiency and improved communication to their business
  • Upgrading from the free version to the paid version offers more updated content and better performance.
  • The custom instructions feature in the paid version saves time by tailoring Chat GPT's responses to specific needs.
  • The paid version also allows plugin capabilities, enabling integration with other organizations, software, and platforms.

Enhancing Listing Presentations

  • Andy discusses how to improve listing presentations, highlighting the increasing competition agents face due to market shifts. He shares a specific plan of action to make agents the preferred choice for listings.
  • They introduce a comprehensive list of 25 ideas to attract buyers for a listing and narrow them down to the most impactful 10 or 15.
  • The chosen ideas can be included in the listing appraisal and presented to clients during listing presentations, either in person or virtually.

Building Future Business Prospects

  • Andy emphasizes the importance of setting the table for future business prospects during separation season.
  • Jimmy and Andy provide an example of asking for a game plan based on previous achievements to create a plan of action, marketing strategies, and daily activities to increase transactions.
  • The power of Chat GPT's custom instructions is highlighted, allowing users to provide background information tailored to their business, personality, and ideal client for more personalized interactions.

This episode of The TRES Podcast explores how agents can leverage Chat GPT to enhance efficiency and positively impact their business. By utilizing the power of Chat GPT, agents can streamline tasks, improve communication, and achieve remarkable transaction growth. The episode reflects Andy's commitment to keep exploring new ways to maximize the potential of Chat GPT and advance their real estate strategies.

"Chat GPT has been a game changer for me, bringing efficiency and improved communication to my business." - Andy Beal


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