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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Nov 21, 2023

QR codes gained popularity during the pandemic because companies sought touchless alternatives to spread their content. Those within the real estate market can use these codes in numerous ways to help boost their clientele. 

In this episode of the TRES podcast, host Jimmy Burgess explores eleven ways real estate agents can effectively use QR codes. Listen to learn how to use QR codes in your real estate business.

Lead Capture Capability

  • You can use QR codes to capture leads by offering valuable content.
  • Examples include providing access to slides from a presentation or offering industry-specific tips.
  • Agents can collect email addresses and names by directing users to a Google form or landing page to build their email lists.

Property Signage

  • Incorporating QR codes on property signage can lead potential buyers to various destinations.
  • Agents can customize the QR codes to provide information about the property, direct users to their website, or display all active listings.
  • QR codes on signage allow for lead capture, even from passersby who may not contact the agent.

Home Financing Calculator

  • Agents can create QR codes that direct users to home financing calculators.
  • This helps potential buyers determine monthly mortgage payments and highlights hot leads.
  • Integrating QR codes with websites that capture user information can convert calculators into lead-generation tools.

Neighborhood Home Searches

  • Agents can generate QR codes that provide access to home searches for specific neighborhoods.
  • These QR codes can be shared on flyers or social media to attract potential buyers.
  • Another suggestion is to purchase a domain name related to a specific neighborhood, such as "," which redirects to a capture page.

Downloadable Guides

  • QR codes can lead users to downloadable guides, offering valuable resources and information.
  • Guides can range from checklists to lifestyle planning guides, providing specific content to different market segments.
  • Agents can use QR codes on flyers, in open houses, or as take-one options to engage potential leads.

Property Flyers

  • Agents can maximize the back of property flyers by utilizing QR codes.
  • These QR codes can link to additional listings, guides, financing calculators, or capture pages.
  • By adding value to the flyers, agents increase the likelihood of capturing leads and engaging potential buyers.

Business Cards

  • QR codes on business cards can direct potential clients to specific platforms or content.
  • Agents can drive traffic to newsletters, social media profiles, videos, or other personalized marketing materials.
  • QR codes on business cards facilitate further connection and interaction beyond the initial meeting.

Local Service Provider Guide

  • Agents can use QR codes to create a guide featuring trusted local service providers.
  • This resource helps newcomers or residents needing services in the area.
  • Agents can collect leads by offering recommendations and building credibility.

Video Walkthroughs and Floor Plans

  • QR codes can lead users to video walkthroughs or detailed floor plans of listed properties.
  • This feature helps potential buyers explore properties remotely and captures their interest.
  • QR codes can be used on property flyers or marketing materials.

Review Sites

  • Agents can create QR codes to gather more reviews that direct users to review sites like Google Business,, or Zillow.
  • Making it convenient for clients to leave reviews enhances the agent's online reputation and credibility.

Email Signature Line

  • Agents can add QR codes to their email signature lines to direct recipients to various destinations.
  • This can include websites, review sites, videos, or any other content the agent wants to promote.
  • Agents can drive engagement and capture leads by effectively utilizing the email signature line.

QR codes offer various opportunities for real estate agents to enhance their marketing efforts. Implementing these eleven strategies can help agents capture more leads, provide value, and build a strong online presence. Utilize QR codes effectively and adapt them to suit your specific business goals and target audience.

"QR codes are really kind of an interesting case study on how applications of things can really become in vogue." - Jimmy Burgess.

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