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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Dec 12, 2023

There’s a reason why positive affirmations suddenly became popular. If you’re not taking the time to say them daily, you’re keeping yourself from becoming a successful real estate agent.

In this episode of “The Real Estate Sales Podcast,” host Jimmy Burgess discusses the importance of positivity and effective communication in the real estate industry. Successful realtors understand the power of words and how they can shape their mindset and relationships with clients. 

Realtors can create a more fulfilling and prosperous career by adopting specific phrases and mindset shifts. Let's delve into the seven daily phrases that happy and prosperous realtors say.

"Today I Get To"

  • Happy and successful realtors approach each day with gratitude and excitement. 
  • By shifting from "I have to" to "I get to," they acknowledge the opportunities to serve and positively impact their clients' lives. 
  • Whether it's showing houses, marketing properties, or spreading joy, this mindset shift brings a renewed sense of purpose and enjoyment to their work.

 "Can I Help You With Anything?"

  • A key aspect of being a successful realtor is serving clients genuinely.
  • By consistently asking how they can assist, realtors go beyond words and demonstrate their commitment to providing exceptional service. 
  • Realtors create stronger relationships with their clients by genuinely seeking opportunities to help.

"I Saw This and Thought of You"

  • Building relationships is crucial in real estate. 
  • Happy realtors recognize the importance of staying top-of-mind with their clients. 
  • They demonstrate thoughtfulness and consideration by looking for things that resonate with their client's interests or needs. This simple phrase shows that clients are a priority, fostering stronger connections and client loyalty.

"Tell Me More About That"

  • Successful realtors actively engage in meaningful conversations to deepen relationships. 
  • By asking clients to expand on a topic, they show genuine interest and a willingness to understand their clients' motivations and desires. This approach allows realtors to tailor their services more effectively and provide personalized solutions.

"Thank You"

  • Gratitude is a powerful tool in building relationships and cultivating a positive mindset.
  • Happy and successful realtors embrace the magic words of "thank you." 
  • Expressing gratitude not only sets the tone for appreciation but also helps create a culture of reciprocity. 
  • These realtors proactively find reasons to thank their clients and colleagues, allowing for a more harmonious and mutually beneficial working dynamic.

"I Love"

  • Passion is contagious, and successful realtors know how to harness it. 
  • These realtors create an irresistible magnetism by openly expressing their love for their work, properties, and assisting clients. 
  • They convey enthusiasm and dedication through their words, attracting clients who appreciate their genuine passion and zest for the business.

"Today I'm Going To Even Though I Don't Want To"

  • Growth often lies just outside our comfort zones. 
  • Happy and successful realtors recognize that embracing discomfort is necessary for progress. 
  • They confront tasks or activities they may not enjoy, such as making phone calls, hosting open houses, or door-knocking. 
  • Acknowledging their resistance and taking action, they push their boundaries and experience personal and professional growth.

In the real estate industry, words can shape attitudes, build relationships, and drive success. Realtors can create a more fulfilling and prosperous career by adopting the phrases and mindset shifts discussed in this session. 

Happy and successful realtors understand the importance of gratitude, genuine service, and embracing discomfort to achieve their goals. Realtors can unlock their full potential and find joy and success in their profession by consciously choosing their words and working on their mindset.

“Life isn't just all about selling more real estate. It's about enjoying what you do. It's about having joy with the things that we get to do daily.” - Jimmy Burgess.

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