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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Jan 16, 2024

The new year is here, and you have no reason to still struggle as a realtor. It’s time to boost your marketing skills to ensure your bills stay paid throughout 2024.

The best way to do this is to listen to this episode of “The Real Estate Sales Podcast.” In this episode, Jimmy Burgess emphasizes the importance of personal development in growing your real estate business. 

He shares seven crucial skills that real estate agents should focus on developing in 2024 to take their business to a whole new level. These skills involve leveraging technology, creating engaging content, mastering negotiation, and building strong client relationships.

Skill 1: Mastery of Artificial Intelligence and Chat GPT

  • Coach Jimmy stresses the significance of becoming astute in artificial intelligence, specifically Chat GPT, to optimize business efficiency. 
  • He encourages listeners to explore various resources, such as podcasts and online tutorials, to understand how to leverage Chat GPT in real estate. 
  • Agents can maximize content creation, marketing, and promotion opportunities by becoming experts in artificial intelligence in 2024.

Skill 2: Creation of Engaging YouTube Video Content

  • The episode highlights the importance of producing compelling video content for YouTube, the second-largest search engine.
  • Jimmy recommends creating searchable content that aligns with potential clients' needs, such as information about specific neighborhoods and essential considerations when moving. 
  • He references Noah Escobar, who generated substantial business through YouTube videos, underscoring the potential impact of mastering this skill in 2024.

Skill 3: Development of Engaging Social Media Content

  • Real estate professionals must leverage social media to build their brand in 2024.
  • Jimmy suggests seeking inspiration from successful agents and influencers in other markets to understand effective social media strategies. 
  • Additionally, he recommends following industry leaders like Jason Pantana, Tom Ferry, and Haley Ingram to learn the best practices in social media content creation.

Skill 4: Mastering Negotiation Techniques

  • Jimmy emphasizes the significance of honing negotiation skills, especially in the current real estate landscape. 
  • In 2024, buyers are discerning, and sellers are demanding higher prices. 
  • Jimmy references the book "Never Split the Difference" by Chris Voss, which advocates for finding win-win opportunities in negotiations. 
  • Enhancing negotiation skills increases the likelihood of successful transactions and satisfied clients.

Skill 5: Effective Referral Generation

  • Jimmy discusses the art of asking for referrals in a genuine and non-intrusive manner.
  • He emphasizes the importance of building relationships and creating a personal brand that organically motivates clients to refer business. 
  • Agents can build a network of raving fans by leveraging trust and rapport.

Skill 6: Optimization of Google My Business Page

  • Jimmy discusses the importance of optimizing Google My Business page as a real estate professional. This will enhance your online visibility and attract organic leads.
  • He provides practical tips, such as accumulating positive reviews, maintaining an active presence, and sharing relevant content on the platform. 
  • Agents can effectively drive potential clients to their websites by leveraging Google My Business.

Skill 7: Enhancing Communication Skills

  • Finally, Jimmy emphasizes the importance of effective communication in all aspects of the real estate business. This includes client interactions, marketing, and public speaking. 
  • He encourages agents to improve their ability to communicate clearly and confidently through phone calls, emails, or public presentations. 
  • Enhanced communication skills can elevate an agent's professional image and contribute to business growth.

Continual self-improvement and skill development can help you achieve better results within your real estate business. Adapting these seven skills will elevate your performance in 2024 and significantly impact the industry.

“The best opportunity is to create a personal brand and become searchable where business begins to chase you instead of you chasing it." - Jimmy Burgess.


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