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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Feb 13, 2024

It's difficult to grasp some concepts when starting in a new field, no matter how many times you review them. In this episode of "The Real Estate Sales Podcast," host Jimmy Burgess shares six paradoxes in real estate. Tune in to discover what they are to help grow your real estate business.

1. Giving Paradox

  • People nowadays believe that if they want something, they have to go get it.
  • However, Jimmy discovered this may not always be the case. Instead of always being out there selling, figure out how you give value. 
  • Jimmy shares ideas and examples within the episode.

2. Growth Paradox

  • The time it takes to build your real estate business will take longer than you thought it would. However, you'll start seeing growth quickly once you put in the work.
  • Think back to when you felt as though you were stuck in life, and then, out of nowhere, everything you wanted came to fruition. Apply this concept to your business, and you'll see growth within no time if you're doing the work.

3. Problem Paradox

  • You may view problems or difficulties as something negative, but in reality, they’re opportunities. 
  • Challenges are chances to deepen relationships, show value, and prove that you can move your business forward.
  • Always trust the process and create relationships to bring positive opportunities.

4. Selling Paradox

  • The less you try to sell to someone, the more they will try to buy from you.
  • When you’re not pushing someone to decide, clients can determine what they feel is best for them.
  • Jimmy shares how you can give information to clients to help them make their own decisions.

5. Money Paradox

  • To make money, you have to spend money. You may think of holding onto the money once you start making it, but investing it into your real estate business is better. 
  • For example, if video production brings you money, consider investing more in it. Eventually, it will help you grow your business and triple your income.

6. Fear Paradox

  • What you fear the most is what you must do to help your business grow.
  • What are you afraid to do? Is it making phone calls, making video content, or putting yourself on social media? 
  • Whatever it is, push your fear aside and start doing it, as it will help you take your business to the next level. 

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“The more that you give, the more you will receive.” - Jimmy Burgess

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