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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Nov 17, 2020

How to Market Real Estate Like a Boss

Real estate is an industry that requires skill and time to excel. In this episode, Todd Crockett shares his expertise and talks about marketing real estate like a boss. 

Market real estate like a boss

  • Hosting parties is a great way to entertain and network with other people. It takes a lot of planning to make it a big success. 
  • Aside from the social networking that a party can offer, it’s also a great way to market a property. People are able to see the property itself and enjoy it with all the energy and activities that come from a great party. These events serve as entertainment for high-end clients.
  • Pop-up parties make the real estate process entertaining, enjoyable, and point proficient. If you are comfortable with all the details, you can have fun throughout the process. It takes serious discipline to handle spontaneity.
  • It’s important to use social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and others to effectively spread the news of the event. The channels allow you to reach out to different people with wide spread distribution. 
  • Friendly competition doesn't just come from other people in the business. It may come from your own team. You can try their techniques as well to see the approaches that work best. 

Building relationship like a boss 

  • Sales reps shouldn’t dominate the discussion. We should listen and ask the right questions. 
  • Instead of selling clients and prospects houses, provide them with services and solutions. It makes them feel good when they know you are available for help and not just out for revenue. 
  • The goal is to add value to your clients’ lives,  build bonds with people, and create an enjoyable experience. 

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