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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Dec 29, 2020

In this episode, Jimmy Burgess shares four things that top real estate producers love about real estate. 

What they love

  1. They love learning. Meeting new people and learning new information and skills promotes growth. Top producers are always searching for opportunities to grow their business and how they can present to their clients better.
  2. They love people. Top real estate producers love people and their diversity, especially those who are excited about life. They love spending time with their clients and helping them find their dream home. Find the people you love, and you’ll find your ideal clients. 
  3. They love the process. Top producers are focused on moving themselves forward. They understand it’s not just about closing the deal. It’s also about walking through the daily steps along the way.
  4. They love their company. The people producers spend the most time with are other agents and their team. These people help them grow and encourage them to set smart goals. Evaluate your business, evaluate the people in your team, and surround yourself with top producers who will push you to the top. 

There are difficult times and there will be obstacles along the way but if you love your work, and you’re passionate about it, then you’ll be able to move through these challenges. 

4 things Top Real Estate Producers Love” episode resources

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