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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Feb 26, 2021

In this episode, Jimmy talks about the 12 real estate must-have for business growth. 

  1. Have a next 10 list. This is the list of the next 10 buyers that are probably going to buy from you. It can also be your next 10 listings, or the people who are going to list with you. The list can also be the 10 people who are most likely to send you a referral. 
  2. Have all the buyers that you’re working with on an electronic alert system or getting a notification when new properties come on the market. Give them an option to see new properties out in the market. 
  3. Pick a neighborhood to farm and make sure that you become the expert in that neighborhood. Be recognized as the expert or the go-to person. This is the place where you get the majority of the listings. 
  4. Set up a consistent communication line with your database. Make sure that you regularly add value to the people who already know you, the people you’re working with, and the people who trust you. 
  5. Put your past buyers on an e-alert system. The gives you the ability to send updated information on where their value is and what opportunities are open for them. When the time comes that they wanted to sell the house, you’ll be at the top of their minds. 
  6. Send unsolicited videos of comparative market analysis to your past buyers. Make sure that you’re not losing the people that you’ve worked with in the past. Don’t lose them in the timeframe where they’re all excited when you help them buy a house and when they’re excited to sell their home. Send them CMAs every six months to update them on the value of their homes. 
  7. Put up an after-sale marketing plan. Make sure that you let the neighbors know of the moving values whenever you make a sale. 
  8. Put up a social media content calendar. Consistency gives you the opportunity to stay at the top of your social media strategy. Use tools to schedule your posts and automate your posting system. 
  9. Use video daily. Videos give you the ability to let people understand you. It acts like a filter. The videos could be of many kinds. It can be virtual home tours, virtual open houses, and the like. 
  10. Have a mentor, a coach, or a mastermind group. You can only go as far as you can see. You need other people to guide you or help you see other ideas. 
  11. Attend conferences. Conferences for real estate and mastermind groups will still happen. When they do, don’t waste your chances. Attend and meet new people.
  12. Make sure you’re spending time each day learning and expanding your knowledge about real estate. 

Apply all these tips to your real estate strategies to help grow your business today. 

“12 Real Estate Tips on ‘Must Haves’ for Business Growth” episode resources

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