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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Jun 8, 2021

If your business isn’t growing, you probably don’t have a lead problem - you have a discipline problem. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy gives seven disciplines to find success in real estate

Write one thank-you note per day.

  • When you focus on things you’re thankful for, you’ll find thanks in other areas.
  • Thank-you notes are a quick task that builds relationships and maintains connections with people, making it an easy discipline to add to your daily routine.

Add people daily to your database.

  • Add anyone - people you’ve discovered through circle prospecting, that couple you met at your kid’s baseball game, anyone you can deliver value to. 
  • Don’t just add the people and forget about them; make sure you deliver valuable content.

Send a personalized property to at least one person per day

  • Send these to people looking to buy or sell or who might want to in the future. This starts a conversation and builds a relationship that will keep you top-of-mind.

Create one video CMA per day.

  • Every time someone is disciplined enough to do this, you see dramatic results.
  • Jimmy did this for 72 days and generated 11 million dollars of listings. 
  • See our previous episode to learn how to create these successfully.

Build a top ten list.

  • Create a list of your most likely buyers, sellers, or even referral partners. Put the list somewhere visible, look at it each day and ensure you’ve recently interacted with them. 
  • These are your most likely opportunities, so maintaining and strengthening these relationships will drive upcoming sales.

Have ten meaningful conversations per day.

  • The real estate industry averages that every 50 conversations lead to one contract. If you have a goal, structure the number of meaningful conversations you have per day around that target to reach it.

Add a system to your business.

  • Your business is only as good as the system in place.
  • Determine your current process for moving a client through your funnel. Are there any weaknesses? Is there anything you can do to be more efficient? 
  • With systems in place, you can strengthen your foundation and find more time to accomplish more.

The final takeaway? Be disciplined and add layers into your daily routine to find success. Consistency is the greatest factor in achieving success, so be disciplined and consistent to grow your real estate business.

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