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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Jul 16, 2021

On average, 90% of people say they would work with their real estate agent again after a transaction. However, only 12-13% of people do. The key to generating repeat clients is to follow up after the transaction. And there are several ways to do this successfully! In today’s episode, Jimmy details the eight follow-up steps you need to take. 


  • Say thank you


  • Write a personal, hand-written thank-you note immediately after the sale is over. Appreciate the confidence they put in you - people will like and respect that.


  • Connect on social media


  • Following a customer’s social media gives you the chance to stay up-to-date on what happens in their lives and share fun and helpful information with them as it comes available. 
  • Even if you don’t communicate with them regularly, you’ll at least know if anything is happening in their lives that might involve a real estate transaction, like a new job, a new baby, or other significant events.


  • Set up drip campaigns


  • Set up weekly, two-week and monthly reports of homes bought and sold in a customer’s neighborhood or homes that would be relevant to them.
  • This campaign will give your customers a sense of their home value and establish you as a go-to source for information.



  • This platform is the most comprehensive way a client can get a full breakdown of their home value.
  • It sends a monthly value on their home based on the mortgage, financing, equity lines, and what all their options are. 


  • Optimize your database


  • If your database isn’t updated, how can you expect your newer clients to receive the informaiton you send out?
  • On a weekly basis, check over your database and add any contacts you might’ve made over the past week.


  • Reminders for personal follow-ups


  • These personal follow-ups could be a text, private message, anything that works best for you and the client. It keeps you top of mind and also helps net referrals.
  • There are even platforms that automate follow-ups to help save time and energy.


  • Video unsolicited CMAs


  • On at least a 6-month basis, create and send a video unsolicited CMA to your clients.
  • For the full breakdown of how to do this successfully, check out our previous episode.


  • Send or give gifts


  • Whatever it is you can do, send them a gift, whether it’s cookies or something of value, on their one-year anniversary. That will go a long way in building relationships.

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