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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Sep 24, 2021

Lead generation is the foundation of every real estate agent’s success. In today’s episode, Jimmy shares forty different lead generation strategies you can use to grow and scale.  

Find new audiences.

  1. Connect with people who’ve rented 8-9 months ago (and their lease is about to expire.)
  2. Contact property owners who might consider selling, especially if their property’s lease is up. 
  3. Reach out to past buyers to either gauge their interest in buying or selling or stay top-of-mind for referrals.
  4. Reach out to newly engaged couples.
  5. Reach out to couples who are recently pregnant or plan to start or grow their family.
  6. Contact new empty nesters to see if they want to sell.
  7. Check expired listings, specifically those 6-18 months old. 
  8. Contact for sale by owner properties. They want to sell but just haven’t found the right agent.
  9. Work divorce leads.
  10. Work probate listings. Someone passes away, and somebody has to settle the estate.
  11. Contact for rent by owners. Get the details on the rentals, and see if they’re interested in selling or considering buying another property.

Utilize social media and the internet.

  1. Create community YouTube videos
  2. Share a property in a Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade group, and drive those interested to pages with more information.
  3. Build or add to your Google My Business page.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals, and then share that on social media and your website.
  5. Create reels on Instagram to have successful short-form videos.
  6. LinkedIn articles are far more successful than other content forms on the platform.
  7. Buy Google Adwerx to generate online leads.
  8. Run Facebook Ads. It’s very easy to do so, whether you hire someone, take a course, or even just watch a YouTube video about.
  9. Buy Zillow leads.
  10. Buy leads
  11. Utilize Opcity, which sends you referrals and leads and only charges referral fees with a closing.
  12. Add value to Facebook groups. There can be thousands of people in these groups looking for answers to questions.
  13. Digital farming. Generate an email list of owners within an area monthly video newsletter that describes any changes in the market. Offer a free, no-obligation update on their home evaluation.

Don’t forget traditional tactics!

  1. Join a referral group to share referrals with other agents and industry professionals.
  2. Door knocking is a classic tactic for a reason. 
  3. Farm neighborhoods.
  4. Host a first-time homebuyer seminar.
  5. Host open houses
  6. Contact your sphere of influence.
  7. Check on preforeclosure homes.
  8. Throw a house-warming party for your clients. Pay for the party and meet all their friends.
  9. Throw a going-away party for people you’ve sold with.
  10. Sign up to do BPOs. You’ll get a small amount of money but also find people who are interested in selling.
  11. Call tract build neighborhoods.
  12. Bold leads let you find seller leads who are interested in their home value. It’s a great way to build value for people.
  13. Build relationships with agents in feeder markets. Send letters and offer referral fees to get a constant stream of leads.
  14. Write articles for your local magazines or newspapers. Because you are writing and published, you’ll be considered a local expert.
  15. Circle prospecting is one of the most effective tactics to generate new listings.
  16. Unsolicited video CMAs. Record your screen and go through comparables.

Do you have a tactic that isn’t mentioned above? Tell us about it!

Do you have a video or content idea that is perfect for your business? Share it with Jimmy! Connect with Jimmy Burgess on LinkedIn and Facebook and his YouTube channel.  

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