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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Oct 19, 2021

Jimmy’s team uses a checklist to ensure each realtor’s social media and digital footprint are on point. Today he’s joined by Berkshire Hathaway BPFLA marketing coordinator, Karina Caraballo, to learn how to implement this checklist to find growth and develop a valuable social media strategy.


  • Jimmy’s team uses BoomTown to create agent websites. But regardless of your platform, here are some factors to keep in mind:
  • Use an updated headshot
  • Add a short bio or “about you” section
  • Add your MLS ID number, Office ID, and link any applicable social media accounts.
  • Include your physical office location and contact information.
  • Integrate your Testimonial Tree HTML and IDX feed (or whatever testimonial platform you use.)


  • For your personal page, ensure your Brokerage is listed as your workplace, have an updated headshot, and share posts from your business page for additional exposure.
  • For your business page, there are more criteria you should follow:
    • Use an updated headshot, add a cover photo, and list all contact information a client might need
    • Post house listings and share photos and videos from agent media assets.
    • Share company blogs and branding throughout your posts, and invite friends and family to like and follow the page.
    • Share testimonial graphics from Testimonial Tree, and schedule out posts in advance (which you can do right on the Facebook platform.)


  • Karina’s tip: Use a creator account, which differs from a typical personal account and gives you additional metrics and opportunities to work with.
  • Similar to other platforms, use your headshot, contact information, and testimonials throughout the platform to increase your exposure as much as possible.
  • Utilize hashtags and reels to build your audience. For more information about using Instagram, check out our previous episode with Heidi Harris.


  • Because LinkedIn is essentially the professional version of Facebook, use the same tips from the Facebook section to generate similar results.
  • When using LinkedIn, make sure you have a detailed and complete work experience section, as clients, coworkers, and other realtors will use that to see your past work history.

Testimonial Tree (or whatever testimonial website you use):

  • Have an updated headshot and contact information
  • Integrate the HTML feed Testimonial Tree provides (or see if it’s available on your platform) to put it directly on your website.
  • Send testimonial requests to past clients.

Google My Business:

  • Because Google is the most utilized search engine in the world, setting up a Google My Business page is essential.
  • Like other platforms, ensure each section is filled out appropriately, including photos and contact information.
  • This platform is often the first impression a potential client might have of you. For more information on optimizing your Google My Business page, check out our past episode.

If you’d like the complete checklist Jimmy’s brokerage uses, don’t hesitate to reach out to him for a free copy. Do you have a video or content idea that is perfect for your business? Share it with Jimmy! Connect with Jimmy Burgess on LinkedIn and Facebook and his YouTube channel.  

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