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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Dec 17, 2021

Do you have Instagram insecurity? In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy explains how real estate agents can leverage the different content types within the app to curate a great Instagram feed that attracts clients (and conveys the professionalism you want.)

Realtors have to be actively involved on Instagram.

  • In October of 2010, Instagram launched. Within a year, they had over one million subscribers. Within the second year, they were bought out by Facebook for $1 billion (that’s a lot.)
  • In 2013, when Snapchat came along, they offered $3 billion, and they said no.
  • With over one billion active users each month, Instagram is projected to hit two billion users by 2023.

Step 1: Fill out your profile

  • Think of this as your resume. It’s the place where someone decides to follow you.
  • Look through the “profile” section of your settings, and update it, so there are no blanks.
  • Answer all the questions, including filling in your location and what you do.
  • Because you can only place one link within your profile, Jimmy recommends using LinkTree to direct people to multiple locations, such as other social channels and your website.

Step 2: Upload Feed Posts

  • Feed posts are the regular post type Instagram is based around. Because this content never goes away, use the FARM acronym to ensure you post diverse content.
  • F - Family
  • A - Associations
  • R - Real Estate
  • M - Motivation

Step 3: Post Stories

  • Stories are gone within 24 hours and are more personal than regular post content.
  • When Snapchat turned down its buyout, Instagram simply added a similar feature to its site. And that’s stories!
  • It can be a video or static photo, and it’s an excellent opportunity to use humor, be yourself, and let loose without needing to feel overly professional.

Step 4: IGTV

  • Instagram TV is their rough equivalent to YouTube - it’s a place for long-form video content. 
  • While it doesn't have nearly the same search engine power as YouTube, it is still a great place to house long-form content that stays on the platform.
  • Whatever you post on YouTube, this is a great place to just re-post content to expose it to as many people as possible.

Step 5: Reels

  • Jimmy believes this is the best content type to grow and connect to your ideal client.
  • It’s essentially Instagram’s answer to Tik Tok - short-form video content.
  • Instagram wants to push Tik Tok users to use reels. As a result, they promote that content more widely than typical feed posts (making it an incredible resource.)

Regardless of what type of post you choose to upload onto Instagram, utilizing hashtags is a great way to promote your page and expose your page to new audiences. Hashtags allow your posts to be searched by people looking for specific types of content. By creating various post types and using hashtags successfully, you’ll be sure to cultivate a growing page showcasing the great work you do.

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