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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Jun 14, 2022

How does social media generate business on a national scale while maintaining a consistent stream of referrals and contacts? Join Jimmy in today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales podcast featuring real estate agent and social media maven Glennda Baker to learn her top tips and tricks for social media success with short-form video.

Glennda’s social media beginnings:

  • After getting frustrated during an inspection, Glennda got on Facebook live in her car to vent.  
  • The inspector had told her the building’s brick was moist, and she needed a mason expert to investigate it. (Overlooking that it had been raining for the past three weeks.) 
  • A viewer recommended she make it a series and call it “Posts from the Porshe.” So, she did!

Video creation is a powerful tool.

  • Glennda learned she could be whoever she wanted to be online, and she can magnify it through video!
  • It was May of 2021 when her first video went ‘viral,’ and she had just 122 followers. After that video, she had 34k. And now, 640k followers are engaging with her content and looking to her for real estate advice.
  • Glennda doesn’t do trending dances or use trending sounds. It’s just all real estate.

Short-form video offers an immediate relationship with the person. 

  • Because her audience views her as a real estate expert, Glennda has built connections with agents across the country.
  • Redfin shows feeder markets that buy into an area - use that as a resource to find potential networking opportunities.
  • Tag locations you frequent when you post. You’ll be seen as a community member and can use other people’s pages as a resource to gain visibility.

Creating great content.

  • Glennda doesn’t look solely at real estate content for inspiration, but she looks at it a lot.
  • She notes everything she does throughout the day and sends ideas to her video producer as she thinks of them.
  • She shoots at home, where she’s comfortable. She also wants her viewers to feel like they’re friends, not strangers - they’re welcome in her home.
  • Make sure you’ve got a process as you shoot content. Know when you can make the best content, and schedule it to make it happen.

The secret of post-production:

  • She is not a video editor. Instead, her producer, Denver, shoots, produces and edits her video content. 
  • Even if you’re shooting it - give it to someone to edit. As a real estate agent, you likely don’t have the skill, time, or talent for video production. Passing it off is one less thing you need to worry about. 
  • Live video is great if you’re concerned about filming ‘perfect’ content. People love the authenticity of raw video, and live content makes that happen.

Engaging with content:

  • Glennda’s average watch time is 31.9 seconds, while the average watch time is just 9 seconds.
  • Engage directly with comments and direct messages to make the experience more personal and authentic. 
  • She has also started posting reply videos to content that has high engagement.

Tik Tok tips:

  • You have to produce 7-8 Instagram reels to garner the exposure you’d receive from one Tik Tok.
  • When it comes to posts, people come for the story but stay for the character.
  • Audiences like you more when they can relate to you and when you aren’t perfect.
  • Don’t share multiple posts on the same day; spread out your content.
  • You can now post videos up to 10 minutes long; most of Glennda’s stay under 2. 
  • Reels require you to be under 60 seconds, and Reels do better when they’re shorter.

Glennda’s final and most important takeaway? Be your authentic self, and the audience will come. For more content from Glennda, check out her website.

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