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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Jun 21, 2022

What is a mastermind, and how can you use one to make the most progress with your business? In today’s special episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy recorded a mastermind group (the National ReThink Council) with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. In this episode, you can see what takeaways and growth opportunities come when a group of successful people discusses trending real estate topics and tactics.

Follow the mastermind members on social media: 

  • Kyle Oberlin, Canton, Ohio, Instagram: @kyleoberlin
  • Duncan Foster, Jacksonville, FL, Instagram: @JaxRunsOnDuncan
  • Sierra Reed, St. Louis, MO, Instagram: @sierraareed
  • Curtis Mitchell, Scottsdale, AZ, Instagram: @curtmitchell
  • Andrew Undem, Baltimore, MD, Instagram: @undem 
  • Molly Slagle, Huston, TX, Instagram: @mollysoldit
  • Gharib Silivaney, Nashville, TN, Instagram: @g_nashville
  • Heidi Harris, Raleigh, NC', @homesweetheidi

Real estate success starts with a consistent and solid foundation of skills.

  • Taking the proper photo and video content is imperative to showing potential buyers the house via social media.
  • Communicate the real estate process with the client after showing the house. Set the expectation for what will happen in the future, breaking down the target timeline.
  • Negotiation is just as crucial a skill in real estate as an organization - know how to advocate for yourself and your clients.
  • Understand optimal pricing in the current real estate market, and be strategic about pricing to make the most money.

Essential tactics to generate listings:

  • Frequent ‘just sold’ neighborhoods with circle prospecting, because people in the neighborhood of those areas are more likely to sell their own homes.
  • Target sellers automatically through online and social media ads. 
  • Use cards or door hangers on a two-block radius around a for-sale home. Invite neighbors to drop by for a private viewing time, and have them sign in to receive beer, wine, or other gifts.
  • Use your network and sphere of influence to advocate for you, especially when trying to enter a new neighborhood.

Mastering the follow-up after an open house:

  • Someone who visits an open house likely went to several that day. Send a selfie video to make you more memorable.
  • Block out two hours after the open house so you have time to answer questions, send messages, and ensure everyone who attended got the information they needed.
  • Not everyone has the time to do a best practice. If you run low on time, consider using resources like SlyDial to help deliver the follow-up calls.

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