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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Jun 28, 2022

For things to move up in your life, you might need to decrease things holding you back. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy discusses seven things you should look to cut back on or remove from your life to make more room for professional and personal growth.


1. Your ego must be decreased.


  • Once you’re in the real estate business for a while, you might feel all-knowing regarding the industry.
  • Your ego tells you that you don’t need to know or learn more. But there’s always something new to build upon your current skills.


2. Reduce wasted time.


  • It can be easy to enter the office, waste half a day, and then feel overwhelmed or unproductive. Come to the office prepared to know what you need to work on! 
  • Make to-do lists and schedules the day before, and prepare your desk or room for the next day before you leave to ensure you’re set for success. 


3. Decrease your fear of the phone.


  • The first call you make is the toughest, and it gets drastically easier once you get the ball rolling. 
  • Make a list of the numbers you’re going to call the day before to remove a lot of the stress you might associate with talking on the phone.


4. Reduce your time in the office.


  • People no longer walk into real estate agents looking for help; they’re out in the community.
  • Look for local places, events, charities, and establishments to work to gain exposure in the community and generate business.


5. Eliminate useless marketing


  • Do you maintain various marketing initiatives because you think they are the right thing to do?
  • If you aren’t gaining engagement from specific tactics, switch it up! Take the data you have from the things you spend money and time on, and determine which items do (or don’t) generate your business.


6. Decrease time with buyers over listings


  • Buyers are easier to work with, but working with listings takes more skill and can make you more money.
  • If you can develop the skill, you’ll be a business owner rather than a salesperson.


7. Eliminate your passivity.


  • We all have something we know we can do to gain more growth and exposure. Stop making excuses and make it happen!

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