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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Aug 23, 2022

Every top producer has a steady stream of referrals driving their business, and the best way to gain those referrals is by showing appreciation and maintaining communication with past clients. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy shares 22 different ways you can show client appreciation to get more referrals. 

  1. Make a donation to their favorite charity.
  2. Give personalized gifts by using resources and companies like Mamigon
  3. Create a personalized jigsaw puzzle of a family or home with Pictorem.
  4. Host a housewarming party for your buyers.
  5. Host a going-away party for your sellers before they move away.
  6. Give the family a painted home portrait.
  7. Recognize a child’s achievements, whether it’s academic or athletic.
  8. Buy a landscape or cleaning service for buyers to help with move-in.
  9. Gift them a personalized wood cutting board.
  10. Buy them a personalized home anniversary cake to celebrate their anniversary.
  11. Systemize your follow-ups through platforms like SendOutCards.
  12. Offer a family photography service to your sphere of influence.
  13. Offer a pet photography day. 
  14. Host a pre-Thanksgiving pie day before the holiday.
  15. Buy tickets to local events your clients would love.
  16. Host a client appreciation night at a movie theatre.
  17. Send fresh-cut flowers to celebrate your clients’ special occasions.
  18. Buy a local membership for a community space.
  19. Provide babysitting services for a date night.
  20. Offer a personal chef for new home buyers.
  21. Provide a local gift basket full of personalized community gifts.
  22. Send handwritten notes with gift cards from local organizations.

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