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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Dec 20, 2022

Systems lead to business success. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Podcast, Jimmy goes over 7 different systems he’s seen INCREDIBLY successful real estate business owners use to expand their business. If you implement these systems, you too can see the same consistent and systematic growth.

What are the 7 different systems for long-term business growth?

  • The first thing that drives business growth is consistent business leads. Every day, you need to have a good amount of potential leads. Jimmy personally recommends aiming for between 3 and 5 different leads per day.
  • The second driver is having personalized conversations with leads as they’re coming in. This lets you see EXACTLY what the lead is looking for and puts you in a better position to begin, and close, a profitable sale. It’s easier to close a sale if you know the exact thing a buyer is looking for.
  • The third driver is following up with leads and keeping on top of sales with any promising buyers. Things like automation really help here, as it lets you stay on top of deals while also letting you focus on new leads.
  • The fourth driver is utilizing a top 10 list. This ties into the idea of visualization. Keeping a list of your top 10 most promising buyers keeps them on the top of your mind and limits any distractions and prevents deals from falling through.
  • The fifth driver is maintaining and taking advantage of your sphere of influence. Keep in touch with both contact and leads to expand your sphere of influence, and continue to bring in leads and make new contacts.
  • The sixth driver is keeping in contact with past clients. Just like maintaining your relationship with leads and your sphere of influence, past clients can offer you referrals, repeat business, and provide word of mouth advertising, all of which are boosts for your business.
  • The last major driver of business, and perhaps the most important one, is having a persistent mindset. Even the best of sellers go through rough periods, but the ones who are able to push through are the ones who ultimately see success.

The aim of any business owner is to ultimately grow their business and increase sales. Try implementing these 7 different drivers and see just how much growth your business can receive. It will make an absolute WORLD of difference.

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