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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Dec 27, 2022

Success in real estate is not 100% Guaranteed. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Podcast, Jimmy shares nine strategies that always work when you work them.

Open Houses

  • Find an agent in your company or marketplace that has a lot of listings, and propose to them a way that you can help them get more information and market their listings.
  • If you have listings, this is a great way for you to show additional value to your listings.
  • Open houses start with door knocking to let them know that the open houses have been happening in a coming couple of days.
  • Creating opportunities to come see the house themselves, or to let friends or family members know that might be interested.

Google My Business optimization

  • Make sure to have 100 photos with reviews if available.
  • When uploading those photos, make sure to have specific titles that are recognizable to people in that area.
  • Give information about who you are and your experience, all that which adds value.

Geographical Farming

  • Top producers have a farmed area that they specifically add value to in a way that helps them get opportunities for listings. 
  • If you know someone in that neighborhood that actually is an expert. This gives you an opportunity to begin to build the plan of action for geographical farming.

Email Campaigns

  • A consistent flow of information going out weekly or monthly in a Newsletter, a bom bom video, and community events.
  • Consistent email marketing keeps you consistently top of mind which leads to more business and more referrals. 

Online Leads

  • A specific strategy and a plan of action give you the best ability to convert the leads.

Expired Listing Campaign

  • Develop a plan of action and be a consistent plan of action of adding value to those expired listings.

Circle Prospecting

  • An old school way where we used to have the maps, we would take a specific house that either had some activity, whether that be a new listing or a price reduction or had just recently sold and we would circle the houses on the map that were 20 to 25 houses that were closest to this house. 
  • The focus is to build relationships, we were building our database.

Just Listed and Just Sold Campaigns

  • 1 - 3% of mailers are sent depending on the area and these are perfect opportunities for new listings, or for potential buyers.

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