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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Jan 24, 2023

Lost momentum in your real estate business? In today’s episode of The Real Estate Podcast, Jimmy goes over 5 different ways to generate momentum for your business in ANY type of real estate market.

Get back to where you first had momentum

  • Even if you haven’t personally had momentum, SOMEONE in your area has. Ask them where they first started seeing momentum, and get yourself to where they were.

Take inventory of all the business you’ve done in the past

  • Go back a few years and look at clients you’ve done business with. How did contact first begin, and what did the process look like? Utilize all of this information to start generating momentum again.

Start doing whatever generated business for you in the past

  • Instead of focusing on new avenues, go back to form. Utilizing the data you got from taking inventory, find what generated the most momentum and go back to it.

Block your time

  • We waste FAR more time than we tend to realize. Instead of mindlessly wasting time, set specific blocks of time to do specific activities. Make sure you actually utilize this time to do things to generate momentum.

Pick up the phone and make phone calls

  • Momentum only comes from more conversations. You HAVE to actually talk to people ABOUT real estate in the real estate market. Call contacts, make outbound calls, and UTILIZE your phone.

Momentum is key in real estate. Use these 5 tips to generate MORE momentum for you and your real estate business.

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