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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Apr 4, 2023

Wondering if you should start a team or stay as a single agent? In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales podcast, our host Jimmy interviews Kyle Upton to discuss his experience building up a team.

Starting the Team

  • Upton was a solo agent from 2016 to the end of 2022, when he finally decided to start his team. However, as he continued on as a solo agent, he realized he was wearing too many hats and needed a team.

  • Upton started his team by hiring a few people he was already close with. As things scaled however, Upton hired people as necessary.


Growing the Team

  • After hiring his first team members, Upton focused on his sphere of influence. He connected with people he already knew for both lead generation and team members.

  • As Upton continually got more and more leads, he would hire more team members as necessary. If an issue arose that he couldn’t face, he would hire someone to assist him.


Lessons From Scaling

  • The first thing Upton wished he knew prior to scaling his business was to have your systems in place beforehand.

  • While working as a solo agent, Upton would work on over 50 deals using only an Excel spreadsheet. This obviously isn’t practical when scaling your business.

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