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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Apr 11, 2023

Jimmy’s going to take your real estate business to the next level. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales podcast, he goes over 7 different activities that will help your real estate business explode.

1. Surround yourself with doers

  • You are the sum of the people you spend the most time with. The top agents surround themselves with doers.·        
  • Doers are the people who are consistently putting in the effort through prospecting, adding value to clients, being a top resource, et cetera. Surround yourself with them to learn from them and boost your own business.

2. Count your conversations

  • What we inspect is what we can expect to get better at. Have as many conversations with people as possible.
  • After having these conversations reflect on them. What went well, what didn’t? Use these insights to help yourself grow.

3. Take inventory of your past sales

  • Look at the past few years of your transactions and study them. What started the transaction, what generated that lead?
  • By studying past transactions, you discover patterns. You can then repeat these patterns to help generate more leads and transactions.

4. Learn a new skill

  • What are you good at and what do you wanna learn? Think about your strengths and weaknesses and try to minimize your weaknesses while elevating your strengths.
  • Learn about a skill then put it into practice.

5. Leave testimonials for other people

  • When we do something for people, they subconsciously want to return the favor.
  • Testimonials are one of the BIGGEST tools in your toolbox. Give other people testimonials and they’re likely to return the favor.

6. Choose a niche

  • A saying Jimmy grew up with is “There’s riches in the niches.”
  • By choosing and specializing in a niche, you face less competition and are able to become an expert by focusing on something small. This translates to experience that will let you broaden your horizons.

7. Wake up one hour earlier and go to bed one hour earlier

  • People are naturally more productive closer to their wake up time than they are closer to bedtime.
  • By shifting your sleep schedule by one hour, you can not only get a literal headstart on the competition, but you’re also able to start being productive earlier.

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