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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

May 9, 2023

You know you should be farming a geographical area or neighborhood, but you’re unsure of what to send them. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales podcast, our host Jimmy goes over how to effectively farm an area.

Consistency is key to geographical farming.

  • Whatever you send, you have to send it on a regular basis. How often you send it will vary, but focus on remaining consistent.

Send a yearly market report.

  • On a certain date every year, send out a market report to your clients. Offer valuable information that can add value to them.

Send quarterly reports.

  • Just like an annual report, sending quarterly newsletters is also valuable. Information on how long listings stay on the market or the average selling price could be included.

Rotate different cards more frequently.

  • Between quarterly and annual newsletters, you can also send out letters on a more frequent basis. An example is sending out letters monthly that describe upcoming events.

Utilize subtle, but direct calls to action.

  • If prices in a neighborhood begin to rise or fall, send out a newsletter to that area. Offer a free market evaluation to help add value to your particular area.

Send out customer testimonials.

  • Send out testimonials from clients that you’ve worked with before. However, use testimonials that are specific to the area you’re trying to farm.

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