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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Aug 29, 2023

Right now is the ideal time to build a personal brand in real estate! But how can you do it?

Discover these seven easy tips for building your brand with your host, Jimmy Burgess.

1. Who is your ideal client?

Take the time to think about who is the ideal client you want to work with. You should also consider how you can add the most value to them.

If you need help with this, consider what type of homeowner excites you the most. Is it a first-time homeowner? Is it a family looking for a bigger home? Whichever option makes you excited, then that's your ideal client.

2. Develop your unique selling proposition

Figure out how you can stand out to help you attract your ideal client. You may want to look into your own life to see if there's anything about yourself that'll help you attract clients. Jimmy provides excellent examples of how you can find your unique selling proposition.

3. Crafting your brand story

People like to do business with people. This means you must connect with others on an emotional level. You can do this by sharing something personal about yourself.

What about YOU that will help create a brand story so clients will feel a connection with you? Remember to think outside of the box!

4. Identify where your ideal client is spending their time

Not every single client will spend time on the same social media platforms. For example, newlyweds may spend most of their time on Instagram or TikTok.

In contrast, older adults may spend most of their time on FaceBook. Figure out what social media platform is your ideal client using the most.

5. Build a consistent visual identity

When people see your content on social media, you want them to know that’s it you. This helps builds trust with your audience and know that you’re the real deal. Consider creating branding colors, fonts, or a logo to help your visual identity stay consistent on all platforms.

6. Create valuable content

This is how you start building your brand on questions your ideal client may have. What do first-time home buyers need to know? Or what type of questions do retired people may have?

Once you figure this out, you can create engaging and entertaining content. This helps clients recognize your brand as an expert in a particular subject.

 7. Grow, engage, and nurture your social media audience

You always need new people coming in, so consider how to grow your audience. Once you can do this, be sure to engage with your audience.

This means replying to those who comment on your posts. Over time, nurture your long-term relationships, as you never know if they may need you when buying a house.

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