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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Sep 19, 2023

Many real estate agents struggle with hosting open houses and make simple mistakes that make them lose potential buyers. In this episode of the TRES podcast, host Jimmy Burgess shares insightful tips for conducting open houses. Listen to these seven expert tips for mastering the art of open houses.

Stage the Home for the Client You Want

     Consider the type of client you want to sell to. Is it a first-time buyer or someone near the retiring age? Take the time to stage the home to their liking.

     Maintain the landscaping, unclutter the counters, and clean the house.

     If the home is not looking the best, you’re not putting your best foot forward.

Let the Neighbors Know You’re Hosting an Open House

     There are two reasons why it’s a good idea to let the neighbors know about the open house.

     One, it increases the opportunity to let others know about the open house

     Two, it lets other homeowners know you can help them sell their homes when ready.

Spread the Word in Every Possible Way

     There are different ways you can let everyone know that you’re hosting an open house:

     Social media

     Direct mail

     Phone calls

     Going door to door

     To make your open house a success, you should promote it in as many ways as possible.

Put Directional Arrows Leading to the House

     On the day of the open house, have directions leading to the house to let others know about the event.

     You are maximizing not only the opportunity for this home seller to sell their home, but also your own exposure as a result of placing all these signs.

Have Marketing Takeaways

     What if potential buyers come to the event and decide the home isn’t right for them?

     Create lifestyle guides for different life stages, such as those wanting to downsize or being first-time home buyers. The guides allow you to create conversations and build relationships with potential buyers, so they’ll have you in mind when they decide to buy.

     Another idea is to have other properties available. They can view these properties and decide if it’s a better option for them.

Provide Valuable Feedback on the Open House to Your Listing

     If you're hosting an open house for someone else, they will want full details on what the potential buyers thought of the home.

     Create a detailed list of everyone who came to the event. What did the buyers like or didn't like about the house?

     Communicate with the other agent on the event so they'll let you host another one in the future.

Make Sure to Follow Up

     Following up with potential buyers within 24 hours of the open house event is best.

     Send emails letting potential buyers know you have lenders that can approve them or provide programs to first-time buyers.

     Some potential buyers view multiple open houses in a day. You can send a video to help them remind you that your listing is the right one for them.

     Doing follow-ups also allows potential buyers to ask questions or let you know if something keeps them from taking action.

These seven actionable open housing tips will help you win over potential buyers. But be sure to take the time to listen to Jimmy Burgess on how to utilize these tips.

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