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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Oct 24, 2023

When starting in the real estate industry, you may be daydreaming about the future of your business. However, you’re unsure of the steps you need to take to make your dream become a reality.

In this episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, host Jimmy Burgess explores the concept of future growth and how it applies to business and personal development. He will dissect the key steps and delve into the importance of understanding where you are, reviewing past activities, and charting a path for the future. 

Understanding Where You Are

  • Jimmy emphasizes the significance of starting from a place of awareness. 
  • Evaluating your current position, whether in your profession or personal life, is crucial.
  • By assessing your circumstances, successes, and challenges, you can gain valuable insights into the factors that have brought you to this point.
  • This understanding lays the foundation for charting your path toward future growth.

Reviewing Past Activities

  • To move forward successfully, you must reflect on the actions that have led you to your current situation, both positive and negative.
  • By identifying the daily activities that have contributed to your achievements or setbacks, you can gain clarity on the habits and strategies that work effectively.
  • This step allows you to refine your approaches and focus on replicating the actions that yield positive outcomes while tweaking or discarding those that hinder progress.

Charting a Path for the Future

  • It is essential to envision and articulate where you want to be in the future, both personally and professionally.
  • Jimmy advises setting short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals to establish a direction and a sense of purpose.
  • Having a clear vision of your ideal future, you can strategically plan the necessary actions and activities to propel you toward those goals.

Focusing on Leading Indicators

  • Leading indicators are the daily activities that serve as predictors of future success.
  • These activities vary from person to person and depend on the context, such as the real estate industry or any other field.
  • Jimmy recommends identifying the leading indicators that align with your goals and consistently incorporating them into your daily routines.
  • Examples may include making targeted phone calls, engaging in social media marketing, or hosting open houses, all contributing to eventual achievements.

Doing Future Leading Indicator Activities Daily

  • Jimmy emphasizes the importance of taking action consistently to achieve different results.
  • Committing to at least one future leading indicator activity daily creates momentum and progress toward your goals.
  • These actions build a solid foundation for future growth and ensure you continually progress.

Jimmy’s insights on future growth highlight the significance of intentional planning and daily action, regardless of the field or industry. Understanding where you are, reviewing past activities, and charting a clear path for the future are vital steps in developing a growth mindset. 

Focusing on leading indicators and engaging in these activities consistently will fuel your progress and help you realize your visions. These strategies can help you create a successful future that exceeds your expectations.

"Your future should always be bigger than your past." -Jimmy Burgess


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