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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Jan 2, 2024

One of the hardest things to do as a realtor is building leads. Sometimes, your methods get you five new clients a week; other times, you receive none.

But in this episode of “The Real Estate Sales Podcast,” you’ll discover 24 valuable methods to generate leads for real estate businesses. With the current market environment, having a steady flow of leads is crucial for success. Jimmy provides insightful strategies to help businesses grow and succeed in today's real estate landscape.

Using QR Codes to Attract Buyers

  • QR codes have become more prevalent in the real estate industry, especially during the pandemic. 

  • They can be used on listings to provide additional details, capture leads, and promote content such as untold secrets for first-time homebuyers or crucial investor knowledge.

Producing Real Estate Searchable YouTube Videos

  • Utilizing YouTube, the second largest search engine, to create location-specific content can attract potential buyers and sellers. 

  • Generating informative videos about neighborhoods, home selling tips, and local real estate trends can help establish credibility and attract leads.

Rocket Home Leads

  • Jimmy introduces Rocket Home Leads, a lead generation tool where agents pay a referral fee at closing instead of upfront costs. 

  • This platform connects agents with pre-approved buyers who are actively searching in their area, providing a potential source for new leads.

Reengaging the Database

  • Reconnecting with existing leads who may have become stagnant is essential. 

  • Sending personalized messages to reengage potential clients can reignite interest and lead to new opportunities.

Sending Unsolicited Video CMAs

  • Personalized video CMAs can effectively showcase an agent's expertise and commitment to providing exceptional service. 

  • This method helped Jimmy generate over $11 million worth of listings in just a few months, demonstrating its effectiveness in lead generation.

Hosting Open Houses

  • With an increasing number of people attending open houses, hosting these events can attract potential buyers and sellers. 

  • Promoting open houses to the local community and following up with attendees can lead to new leads and listing opportunities.

Reaching out to Airbnb Owners

  • Engaging with Airbnb owners presents an opportunity to explore potential real estate transactions. 

  • Some owners may consider selling or acquiring additional properties, making them valuable leads for real estate agents.

Utilizing the Redfin Referral Network

  • The Redfin Referral Network allows agents to receive leads without upfront costs, paying a referral fee at closing instead. 

  • This platform can potentially connect agents with motivated buyers and sellers, expanding their lead pool.

Geographical Farming

  • Establishing expertise and consistency in a specific neighborhood can lead to a steady flow of listing opportunities. 

  • Jimmy emphasizes the importance of becoming the go-to expert in a particular area for potential leads and referrals.

Utilizing Chat GPT for SEO-Optimized Property Posts

  • Leveraging AI tools such as Chat GPT to create search engine-optimized social media posts for property listings can significantly enhance visibility and engagement, attracting potential leads.

These are only ten lead generation methods, but if you want to hear more, be sure to listen to this TRES podcast episode. Jimmy's comprehensive strategies provide agents with actionable steps to generate a steady flow of leads, ensuring long-term business success and prosperity in the real estate industry.

"Having those conversations with those folks or if it's something that has just recently sold. Hey, this is Jimmy Burgess with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Beach Properties of Florida. We just sold the house four doors down from you. Not sure if you saw the details of this, but it's absolutely going to affect the value of your property. Did you get those details? This leads into conversations and allows us to find those opportunities for not only buyer leads, but also for potential listings as well." - Jimmy Burgess

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