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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Jan 23, 2024

How can you make more money in real estate in 2024?

Subscribe to the Real Estate Sales Podcast to find out. In this week’s episode, host Jimmy Burgess shares a top 5% blueprint to build a thriving real estate business in 2024. 

He outlines seven specific skills that hold the potential to elevate one's entrepreneurial journey to unprecedented heights. Tune in to hear how personal development helps real estate agents make more money. 

1. Embracing Artificial Intelligence and Chat GPT

  • Real estate agents must leverage AI technology to streamline business operations and enhance marketing strategies. 
  • Jimmy emphasizes the significance of creating efficiencies in the real estate business by seeking knowledge through podcasts and online resources. 
  • Taking the time to become an expert in Chat GPT will maximize your business opportunities.

2. Producing Engaging YouTube Video Content

  • Remember, YouTube is the second largest search engine. Jimmy shares that agents must create searchable video content to establish a compelling personal brand.
  • He encourages understanding the specific topics that potential clients search for, such as neighborhood insights and provides examples of successful agents who have harnessed this skill to generate significant listings and contracts.

3. Crafting Compelling Social Media Content

  • Jimmy highlights the unparalleled potential of social media in building a personal brand and staying top of mind with clients. 
  • He recommends observing successful agents in diverse markets and learning from their strategies to tailor engaging social media content.
  • Learning from successful real estate agents helps emphasize the value of consistent posting to foster client relationships and generate brand recognition.

4. Sharpening Negotiation Skills

  • In light of the evolving real estate market, Coach Jimmy stresses the importance of honing negotiation skills to navigate the challenges of securing and maintaining contracts. 
  • He advocates for a win-win negotiation approach to add value for clients and distinguish oneself as a trusted professional in the industry.

5. Cultivating Referral Relationships

  • Jimmy emphasizes the art of seeking referrals in genuine client relationships and positioning oneself as a trusted friend rather than just a salesperson. 
  • Agents who build a personal brand encourage satisfied clients to become enthusiastic advocates, resulting in a steady influx of high-quality referrals.

6. Optimizing Google My Business

  • Having a Google My Business page will help bring organic traffic to your real estate business. 
  • Jimmy shares strategies to maximize reviews, upload compelling photos, and integrate social media content to enhance visibility and attract organic leads.

7. Enhancing Communication Skills

  • One of the keys to a successful real estate business is developing effective communication skills. 
  • Start by improving your public speaking, try phone communication, or email outreach.
  • Jimmy shares that clear and confident communication will engage potential clients and establish professional credibility.

This week’s TRES episode shares a powerful message that will transform your restate business skills. Jimmy's top 5% blueprint will help you evolve and hone essential skills to achieve success.

"Make sure that you're following up with these folks, you're checking in, you're giving value and make sure that you're the agent they think of when they get ready to possibly list their home for sale." - Jimmy Burgess.

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