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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Nov 28, 2023

Do you pay attention to other's mistakes? If not, you may want to start.

Learning from other agents can be the one thing that saves you from making mistakes within your real estate business. In this episode of the TRES podcast, host Jimmy Burgess delves into the critical factors that can make or break a real estate...

Nov 21, 2023

QR codes gained popularity during the pandemic because companies sought touchless alternatives to spread their content. Those within the real estate market can use these codes in numerous ways to help boost their clientele. 

In this episode of the TRES podcast, host Jimmy Burgess explores eleven ways real estate...

Nov 14, 2023

Recent research shows that 90% of real estate agents don’t have a Google business profile. If you’re a part of the statistics, you might not know what it is and how it can benefit your business. 

In this episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, host Jimmy Burgress speaks with Karina Caraballo, a tech specialist...

Nov 7, 2023

In some industries, AI tools are frowned upon, but those within the real estate industry proudly use them to their advantage. However, many agents don’t understand how to use online tools such as ChatGPT to help them stand out among their competitors.

If you’re a real estate agent struggling to understand why you...