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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Nov 13, 2020

The #1 Real Estate Sales Strategy For Business Growth

In this episode, Jimmy talks about how to grow your real estate business through strategy, tools, and technology and how they can be implemented.

The methods to success

  • Jimmy believes that a big part of his success is because of his conversations with homeowners. He uses a variety of ways to reach homeowners and build business relationships with them. 
  • Connection always comes before conversion. 
  • The first way: Do circle prospecting. This means circling around a house you’re targeting and making phone calls to the homeowners to let them know you’re interested and to get a jump on any new listings.
  • It’s important to keep a group of phone numbers available of people who live in an area you’re interested in. 
  • Jimmy uses the tool Slydial as it has the ability to organize phone numbers into a database, it records one voicemail, sends the voicemail at a minimum cost, and it goes to everyone in your database.
  • Slydial gives you three opportunities - When you list a property, you’ve just sold a property, and when there is more information available. 
  • The second way: Do the ‘just sold’ script. Record a straightforward script that explains to neighbors how you sold a property or helped other families in their area. Give them a glimpse of your service instead of offering all the details. 
  • Always give them the opportunity to raise their hands in response and when they do, follow-up quickly. 

“The #1 Real Estate Sales Strategy For Business Growth” episode resources

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