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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Dec 15, 2020

Though it might sound hard to believe, Brad Dahler shares the story of how he achieved $35M sales volume in his first full year of real estate. 

When he was still in high school, Brad stayed up late looking at real estate in New York, Florida, and California. He’d always enjoyed it, even as a kid. He helped to fund his way through college by selling MCI long distance phone services.  It was good training ground for him as it taught him how to identify the help people needed as well as how to deal with difficult clients. 

Pushing for the goal

  • To Brad, everyone’s a phenomenal lead. He provides good service at all times because while a prospect may not be a buyer today, they could tell their friends or family about his services. 
  • Brad was committed to marketing right out of the gate. He made it a goal to take 20-25% of every closing and reinvest it back into his business. He wanted to grow 25% of his money in a hot market rather than in a slow market. 
  • You can start out small by pursuing different internet leads and using direct mail. When there’s a slow period, he uses that opportunity to invest time into his customers to let them know he’s still there. 
  • Brad has built such rapport with his customers and past clients that he considers them friends he can call just to touch base. 
  • His goal is to update anybody who has sold or purchased a home with him by using different channels. 
  • It takes 3-4 months for Brad to judge whether an opportunity is working out or not. If he doesn't see any results within that time frame, he pulls the cord. 
  • Consistency is important for Brad. He makes it a goal to regularly update his clients using various channels such as email, direct mail, phone calls, social media, and video email. 
  • Have time set aside for non-negotiable processes such as training. Make the time for activities that promote growth like reading new books or catching up on training videos. 
  • It makes Brad excited to see how they’re able to help people enjoy their investments. 

“How an Agent Achieved $35M Sales Volume in His First Full Year” episode resources

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