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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Jul 23, 2021

Around once a quarter, Jimmy organizes an opportunity for agents to interact with top performers in the real estate industry to identify the tactics they’ve used to find growth. For today’s episode of the Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy provides a segment of that panel featuring Brad Dahler, Tanika O’Brien, and Brad Reese.

How did you evaluate if something is working?

  • Dahler: Dedicates at least one month on a new tactic to see if it works. You have to give it more time than just a couple of weeks, or else you aren’t setting yourself up for success.
  • Being consistent is key. Track how much money you put into each tactic, and change course if you aren’t pulling out more than you’re putting in.

How do you balance creating content on both the construction side and selling side of real estate? 

  • Because Tanika spends time creating content and learning information on the construction side of new homes, her time on-site helped her develop processes to be a more disciplined agent. Without those processes, she just wouldn’t do the work required to generate sales.
  • One of those processes was weekly Friday pictures, which resulted in huge payoffs. This also helped manage backlog and provided people an easy opportunity to reach out.

What mentally changed as you found success?

  • Reese: He made the mistake of moving to a boutique brokerage, where he liked the broker but seldom saw another person in the office. 
  • Reese held on longer than he should’ve because he liked the broker. He eventually moved to Berkshire Hathaway and knew it would be a good fit.
  • He went from just struggling to find success with the people around him. The environment, the tools, and the people around him help him perform better. 

As a brokerage, there is value within the brokerage:

  • Dahler: There are people both within and not within the brokerage that help lead to opportunities. That is why networking is so critical to the real estate business.
  • O’Brien: Collaboration is one of the most important ways to find something for her buyers. It’s nice to have a group to reach out to and see if there are opportunities or listings available.

How do you keep up-to-date with your database?

  • Reese: Using products like Boomtown, he’s able to maintain excellent customer connections. However, with the market as fast-paced as it is right now, it’s critical to stay in contact with people and move quickly to get your clients the house they want. 

How do you market listings?

  • O’Brien: It depends on the seller’s motivation. Some listings might be delayed to get more buyers coming in. 
  • She has a checklist to get things on the market (with social media, email marketing, and other components) so that people see it on multiple different channels and utilizes creative tactics. For Mother’s Day, she had her partner create mother’s day bouquets with mimosas.

What has changed since you started?

  • Dahler: He has never liked cold-calling people, but he recently started cold-texting people and followed up two weeks later. 
  • He gave people time between messages, though, and that has seen results because people don’t want to be constantly bombarded with emails. 

How do you generate referrals?

  • Dahler: Closing gifts are a great way to gain referrals. Last Christmas, he gave a framed portrait of the purchased house to each buyer, and he got multiple referrals because of it. 
  • O’Brien: Agents can get so busy we forget about relationships. She takes a step back and goes out to lunch or has cocktails with past clients to avoid this. These clients develop into friends who refer her all the time.
  • Reese: Focus on the good relationships he has. Not everyone will like you, but by focusing on good relationships, they tend to multiply. He has great relationships with a few people who push clients to him and send their friends.

What are you excited about in life or the market?

  • Reese: He is excited about the market direction, from a work perspective. But he enjoys the relationships within the brokerage because it makes it seem less like work.
  • O’Brien: She’s excited she’s at a point where she’s fine-tuning her business. Not expecting the real estate rush of 2021, she’s now figuring out how to relax while maintaining excellence. She and her husband are also launching their own construction company.
  • Dahler: He simply loves working in a career where you get out what you put in. 

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